There is a documentation of the provided API endpoints and some examples for the use of the API.


HANSAINVEST now provides an API that offers several funds data. We decided to start with some performance and investment structure data, but we plan to widen out the API continuously. Bugfixes, changes and new features will be announced here.

If you are not a developer, we recommend the use of the Code-Generators:

Historic fund prices for single funds are now available (06.08.2019)

If you are interested in getting historic prices for a single fund, take a look at our new feature that has just released. As usual we provide a PHP example for you that makes it easier to integrate it in your website.

Investment performance since launch now available (15.02.2019)

Our next feature has just released. Take a look at Performance since launch if you are interested in all performance data of a fund.

As a bonus we will show you how you can present these data in an amazing highchart graphic .

Performances per calendar year are now available (15.08.2018)

We are proud to present our next feature. It is now possible to get performances per calendar year via our API. You can either get the values for all funds or just for one fund. If you find this interesting for your needs see more in our documentation.

Bug in performance legal chart (20.02.2018)

In an incomplete business year the line chart usually starts somewhere during the year, unless a fund has been published on the first trading day of a year. No matter what publishing date the fund had the line started always to the beginning of the year. This is now fixed.

This bug was not related to the Fund-API itself. It has only affected the High-Charts example.

The following lines (40 and 55) have changed:

"min": new Date(Object.entries(json_data.performance.periods)[0][1].from).getTime()
"formatter": function() { return Highcharts.numberFormat(this.y, 2, ',') + (Object.entries(json_data.performance.periods)[0][1].from !== Object.entries(json_data.performance.periods)[0][1].realfrom && this.point.index === 0 ? '*' : ''); }

Current fund prices are now available (08.02.2018)

It’s now possible to get the current fund price for one fund or for all funds.
If you are interested in using this feature continue reading the documentation.


Please see the terms of use before you start using der API. By the use of the API you automatically agree with the terms of use (available in german language only).

The API is for use by customers only.