Investment structure endpoints

General information




Param Description Notice
type The type of asset structure. There are some possible types. Mandatory This is part of the endpoint's URL. See types.
isin International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) Mandatory This is part of the endpoint's URL.
format Format of the response data (json or xml) Not necessary to provide as URL part. When provided it will overwrite the Accept-Header. See details.
language Language of the response data (de or en) Not necessary to provide as URL part. When provided it will overwrite the Accept-Language-Header. See details.

Response data

Field Type Description
fund Object List of basic fund data (see details)
structure Object List of all structure data
  type String German name of structure type
  data Object[] Array of structure data objects/items
    name String German name of the structure object/item
    percent Float Percent value of the structure object/item

Example response (JSON)


    "fund": {
        "name": "3ik-Strategiefonds I Class I",
        "isin": "DE000A1H44G8",
        "wkn": "A1H44G",
        "fund_inception_date": "2011-12-01",
        "status_date": "2023-03-16",
        "url": ""
    "structure": {
        "type": "Verm\u00f6gensaufteilung",
        "data": [
                "name": "Fonds",
                "percent": 90.4
                "name": "Kasse",
                "percent": 8.65
                "name": "Zertifikate",
                "percent": 0.99
                "name": "Derivate",
                "percent": -0.04

Example response (XML)


<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <name>3ik-Strategiefonds I Class I</name>
      <item key="0">
      <item key="1">
      <item key="2">
      <item key="3">

Types of investment structures

Type Endpoint Description/example Notice
Age groups investment_structure-age_groups
Asset structure investment_structure-asset_structure
Asset structure of deriatives investment_structure-asset_structure_derivatives
Business sectors investment_structure-business_sectors
Correlation investment_structure-correlation
Countries investment_structure-countries
Currencies investment_structure-currencies
Currencies of deriatives investment_structure-currencies_derivatives
Degree of investment investment_structure-degree_of_investment
Funds categories investment_structure-funds_categories
Index structure investment_structure-index_structure
Industrial sectors investment_structure-industrial_sectors
Lease terms investment_structure-lease_terms
Precious metals investment_structure-precious_metals
Securities investment_structure-securities
Segments investment_structure-segments
Terms investment_structure-terms
Terms of deriatives investment_structure-terms_derivatives
Top values investment_structure-top_values Only 10 values will be returned. These will mostly not sum up to 100 percent.


Code Problem Description
404 No investment structure data found for this fund and type The requested investment structure data for this fund and type does not exist.
416 There is no investment structure type: [WRONG TYPE] The requested investment structure type does not exist. Please see the possible types.

Error response (example)

    "title": "There is no investment structure type: TEST",
    "type": "",
    "status": 416