Fund profile endpoint

Get fund profile information for one fund



Fund profile data

This endpoint returns the following fund profile data:

Field Type Description
fund Object List of alle fund data
  name String Fund name
  isin String International Securities Identification Number (ISIN)
  wkn String Wertpapierkennnummer (WKN) – german
  category String Fund category
  fund_inception_date Date (ISO) Fund inception date
  url String Link (URL) to fund details on
  currency String The currency in which the fund is traded
  benchmark String The name of the associated benchmark (optional)
  fund_assets String Value and currency for the fund assets
  total_fund_assets String Value and currency for the total fund assets
  end_of_fiscal_year String End of the fiscal year for the fund
  dividend_distributions String Use of the fund's performance (distributing/accumulating)
  conformity Boolean Is conforminaty given
  issue_surcharge Float/double Issue surcharge in %
  redemption_fee Float/double Redemption fee in %
  total_expense_ratio Float/double Total expense ratio (TER) in %
  management_fee Float/double Management fee in %
  custodian_bank_fee Float/double Custodian payments in %
  performance_fee Boolean Is there a performance fee (optional)
  savings_plan Object Is investing as a savings plan possible and is there a minimum investment (optional).
  one_time_investment Object Is investing as one-time investment possible and is there a minimum investment (optional).
  capital_forming_payments Object Is investing as capital-forming payments ("Vermögenswirksame Leistungen/VL") possible and is there a minimum investment (optional).

See the following examples for data types JSON and XML.

Example return (JSON)

    "fund": {
      "name": "HI Topselect D",
      "isin": "DE0009817726",
      "wkn": "981772",
      "category": "Umbrella fund",
      "fund_inception_date": "2001-05-17",
      "url": "",
      "currency": "EUR",
      "total_fund_assets": "18988054.5000 EUR",
      "benchmark": "10% Euro STOXX 50 / 90% REXP",
      "end_of_fiscal_year": "Aug 31",
      "dividend_distributions": "accumulating",
      "conformity": true,
      "issue_surcharge": 5,
      "redemption_fee": 0,
      "total_expense_ratio": 2.89,
      "management_fee": 1.8,
      "custodian_bank_fee": 0.05,
      "performance_fee": 1,
      "savings_plan": {
        "possible": true
      "one_time_investment": {
        "possible": true
      "capital_forming_payments": {
        "possible": true,
        "minimum_investment": "34.00 EUR"

Example return (XML)

<?xml version="1.0"?>
        <name>HI Topselect D</name>
        <category>Umbrella fund</category>
        <total_fund_assets>18988054.5000 EUR</total_fund_assets>
        <benchmark>10% Euro STOXX 50 / 90% REXP</benchmark>
        <end_of_fiscal_year>Aug 31</end_of_fiscal_year>
            <minimum_investment>34.00 EUR</minimum_investment>


Code Problem Description
400 No ISIN provided For the used endpoint it is necessary to provide the ISIN to identify the fund.
404 There is no fund with this ISIN: [ISIN] No fund can be found for the provided ISIN.
403 It is not permitted to get data for the fund with ISIN: [ISIN] For some reasons for the fund there is no data provided by the Fund-API.

Error response (example)

  "title": "No ISIN provided",
  "type": "",
  "status": 404